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Get professional singing lessons in Reading.

I teach all levels of singers - anyone can sing. And I teach using your choice of genre or music.

I have a huge selection of songs here at home, but equally, you can bring your own choices to try out too. I can transpose, transcribe or just play anything - I don't use backing tracks, you get a live accompanist every time.

Everyone's voice is different, so my sessions are adapted to suit your needs. If you need some extra help or confidence before an audition, that's no problem. If you prefer regular sessions leading up to an exam, that's great too.

Lessons usually begin with a warm-up and a look at some elements of technique. I then like to continue learning and perfecting the songs you have chosen, whilst applying the points of the technique we are working on to them. I am very interested in the overall performance of a song, so not just 'do you sound nice?' but also 'do I believe what you are saying?'. Selling a song is just as important as singing the right notes, so I always aim for both technique and performance with every student. As well as the all-encompassing title of 'singing', lessons can cover any of the following topics:

Audition technique and audition material


Music theory


Harmony work

Recording a songreel, or demo

To find out more about my lessons simply drop me an email on info@singinglessonsreading.com.

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